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Ethnic Media Institute to produce multi-series documentary on Afro-Brazilian Culture


The Instituto Mídia Étnica (Ethnic Media Institute) is set to begin producing “Panafricas: A saga of Africa and its Diaspora” a six-part documentary series on the shared history of Afro-Brazilians and Africans. The series will showcase the ways in which African culture came to shape Brazilian culture—for example, its language, religious customs, music, and gastronomy. In addition, it will depict how Afro-Brazilian culture in turn impacted African communities following the return of ex-slaves to their lands of origin.

The multi-series documentary will be produced over two years, beginning in the fall of 2010. Each documentary will focus on one region within Africa. Dr. Carlos Moore, an Afro-Cuban ethnologist, historian and international relations scholar, will supervise the project and serve as the films’ narrator. Eventually, the documentaries will be aired on public television and distributed to schools and cultural institutions for educational purposes.

Instituto Mídia Étnica
, a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, was founded in 2005 by a group of young media professionals hoping to use communications media to combat racial stereotypes and effect social change. It partners with local, national and international organizations; engages in advertising campaigns; and hosts radio and video workshops to bring communications technology to poor communities in Brazil.

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